Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Crowdfunding Utilities

As existing utility companies and monopolies try to offer higher prices for worse service, there is the possibility of nonprofit organizations raising money through crowdfunding. Traditionally, taxation served this role, but due to privatization and abuse of eminent domain, today's utilities are tomorrow's failing infrastructure. (This is not solely an American issue, as Europe, the UK, and other nations are largely following the same pattern.)

As the cost of local wireless and utilities continues to drop, and existing infrastructure becomes difficult to maintain, the demand will rise for local alternatives. Crowdfunding may not raise the money that taxation does, but even larger companies may find advantage in making donations (as well as the modern equivalent of charities and philanthropy). Now, an impressive task would be to crowdfund the principle needed for a minimum income program. Of course minor updates would be needed to keep up with population growth and inflation/deflation, but overall, some things may be better in the hands of nonprofits.

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